New England White Pine

America’s Premium Renewable Resource

New England forests are healthier and more plentiful today than 100 years ago. Proper forest management, Crockett believes, is the proper business ethical approach. We believe in opposing destructive cutting practices and equally oppose unmanaged forests where no cutting is done at all. In the first situation, soil erosion and other negative effects often follow poor practices and in the second situation, old forests become dying sites where forest fire, insect attack and disease become almost inevitable. Properly “managed” forests are the gift we give to future generations.

The white pine used for Crockett Log Homes that is currently being harvested, is selected by trained foresters who also supervise the logging operation. Most of this takes place on relatively small private ownerships where managing the timber resource is an important landowner objective. Some good forest management work is also being done on land holdings of various levels of government and industrial ownerships.

Crockett Log Homes wall logs are manufactured from heartwood, at the center of the tree. Heartwood is resistant to some extent and heartwood prevents “through checking”, both an important natural factor built into Crockett products.

Heartwood: Crockett Wall Logs and Timbers
Sideboard Lumber for siding, furniture, pineboards
Bark-all logs are debarked before processing. The bark goes for mulch
Sawdust is used for fuel and cow bedding