Craftsmanship lives on in Crockett Log Homes®. Today’s log home is designed with the best of modern technology and an ecological mindset – all our log homes are made with natural renewable American-grown resources.

Our Crockett Log Homes® are customizable to fit you.

Creative designs to fit your dreams… and your budget

We will work closely with you – listening to your concerns and answering any questions – every step of the way. Our Custom Design Process — including creative design and structural engineering services — strives to give you the important home features that you desire, while you work with your builder to keep the project under budget.

When you invest in a Crockett Log Home® you get our 45+ years of log home know-how and experience. You’ll also get our unique “Arrowflex Program” with pricing targeted for your budget  with a full disclosure written pricing, structurally engineered stamped plans, and energy efficient building systems.

Standard models are available. Custom designs are invited.

Crockett utilizes kiln dried, boxed hearts Eastern White Pine wall logs.
Our Standard Log Profiles are Flat / Round, Round / Round, and Flat / Flat.
Log sizes available: 6″ x 8″, 8″ x 8″, 6″ x 12″

Ultra-R Wall Logs are available in all of the above Log profiles & Log Species.

Crockett Log & Timber Homes® are built in the traditional way with solid log gables, a heavy timber second floor system, ridge posts and ridge beams. Modern fastener and sealant systems combined with code compliant, engineered stamped construction documents ensure that your log home will last for generations to come.

Call or contact us today to find out how to start planning the log home of your dreams!