New Year, New Home

Welcome 2019! The time most people make New Year’s Resolutions… and try not to break them as quickly this year! I just read an article that less people are making resolutions to exercise more or lose weight and more people are focusing on saving money. Up 6% from last year makes saving money the second most popular resolution at 37%.

Chances are, you didn’t happen upon this website because you’re looking to lose weight or exercise. However, with saving money gaining the most popularity this year in resolutions, perhaps that’s you, saving for a new home. If that’s you, the bank should always be one of your first stops on the road to building. That way, you can establish a budget and what it will take for you to get to your goal.

If you have reached your goal and are ready to get started, let’s talk and move forward with your New Year’s resolution of New Year, New Home.

For those of you who need to save, are waiting for land to be subdivided, looking for “just the right piece of land” or any numerous reasons you’re not quite ready for your new home, let’s talk about how we can make your current home closer to your dream home.

Additions: Need more room? Why not build a log or timber frame addition. No worries if you don’t think it will fit in with the neighborhood. Crockett’s Ultra R building system will match the outside of your current home, give you the feeling of log inside and be energy efficient to boot. (Energy efficiency = saving money)

Porches: Crockett has built some beautiful (if I do say so myself) timber porches. Take a look at our webpage and let me know what you think. https://crockettloghomes.com/timber-frame-homes/custom-timber-porches/

Crockett Porches and Additions are great ways to add value to your current home and will be a plus when you’re ready to sell and build your new home.
Make the best of 2019!

If you have a topic you would like to see addressed in a future article, I’d love to hear from you. Or, send me your questions and thoughts about Log, Timber Frame or SIP homes, at jdodson@crockettloghomes.com.