Commonly Asked Questions #2




Question: My husband and I agree on a log home but I really don’t like all that wood. Can you help us?

Answer: For many, the initial appeal of a log home is the exterior. Once you step inside, the wood interior can draw you in with its cozy, warm, rustic feeling. However, not everyone wants a rustic feel to their home. Some desire the clean, crisp feel of while walls. Crockett is here to create the feel you wish in your home.

Keep in mind that the interior of a log home has logs only on those walls that are exterior walls. All the interior walls are conventionally framed leaving those walls a blank canvas for your personal taste. Drywall, painted in your personal color choice, is what many people choose. Some of our homeowner’s select v-groove to keep the consistent look of the log while many decide on a compromise, combining both wood and drywall.

The ceiling is completely your decision as well. V-groove or drywall or perhaps drywall with exposed wooden timbers will create the feel you want in your home. Again, a combination can be used with v-groove in the main entry and living areas.

Let’s take a minute to discuss our Ultra-R Log Home. Constructed of our energy efficient structural insulated panels, tArrow Flex Pricinghese panels first arrived on the market as an energy efficient alternative to stick framed homes. Within the past 15 years, these panels have grown in popularity as a log home alternative. Log siding and faux corner passes create a log home on the outside while leaving all the interior walls available for your design tastes.

Here at Crockett, we look forward to the opportunity to discuss your personal tastes and work together to create the home that works for your family.

If you have a question you would like answered, email us at jdodson@crockettloghomes.com