Staycations gained popularity about 10 years ago here in the US when many traded in the idea of a travelling a long distance for vacation for relaxing at home or taking short day trips not requiring an overnight stay. I remember growing up that we would vacation away from home every other year so that the staycation year was a time to save for the next trip.

Sometimes I think a staycation is the easier way to go. There’s always so much to do before a trip aside from just packing. You have to hold the mail, arrange for someone care for your pets, water your plants and check on your home, laundry before you go (and tons more when you return) and of course clean the house because it’s so much nicer to return to a clean home!

Crockett additions provide excellent ways to enjoy a staycation.

crockett timber frame porch 4

A covered porch timber frame addition provides additional space for entertaining in the Summer, Spring, Fall and some nicer winter months with a portable firepit nearby. After construction, this couple added comfy outdoor furniture including several individual tables for small gatherings.

crockett timber frame porch 2

A post and beam addition is a beautiful base to a screened in porch or sunroom. A perfect place to relax and build puzzles, enjoy your view, entertain guests or just spend quality family time together during your staycation.

Crockett Poolhouse

A staycation at its best with a pool. Of course, you just may become the most popular person in the neighborhood! This indoor pool was built in a SIP addition. Year round staycation fun and relaxation for all.

Whatever your plans are this Summer, make the most of your time with family and friends.