When Do We Get Started?

When Should We Begin with Crockett?

It depends on you and your situation.

1 – 2 years lead time is typical for most people
1 – 2 months for fast track

The turnaround time is controlled by you as well as getting firm pricing commitments, permits, construction loan, etc.

How Do We Begin?

Everything begins with signed paperwork and deposit.
This locks in your Crockett Material Package pricing.
Your custom designed plans are now getting started. Crockett’s plans are required by most local building departments and lending institutions.

Can We Design For Budget?

Yes, Crockett’s Preliminary Plans include 4 Elevations, Floorplans, Window & Door Schedules, Foundation Plan, and typical Cross Sections for both an accurate view of your project but also a roadmap to get pricing estimates. This is the best time for you to make changes.

Why do we need Custom Design Services and a Structural Engineer’s Seal?

Custom Designed for your lifestyle and your property. Live in your home; not a generic home designed for others.

Crockett’s Structural Engineer’s Sealed Plans are for your protection. Crockett’s Structural Engineer is covered by Professional Liability Insurance which means that if the Engineer forgets anything or sizes a beam wrong and the beam would break; this insurance would cover all the damage resulting from that error.

Crockett’s 3 step process includes:
Preliminary Plans, Secondary Plans, and Structural Engineer Sealed Construction Documents