Thanks for Visiting

Thank you to all of you who stopped by to visit us at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg earlier this month. We visited with people from around the United States (including Alaska) as well as from Canada and the farthest away was France. To those who spent time with us, we truly enjoyed learning about you.

To those of you who have plans to build, we look forward to connecting with you again and appreciate the opportunity to inform you about Crockett’s products. We believe the quality of our craftsmanship and combination of energy efficient products can create for you a home or addition to enjoy for a lifetime.

There were many of you who stopped by for various reasons: you loved the pictures, you always dreamed of a log home, you once lived in a log home or we were a friendly face and a place of rest along your journey. My favorite experience of the week was the wonderful young-at-heart man from Missouri who has relocated to Pennsylvania to be closer to his children. He was a builder, along with his father, and together they built homes and a business. He had always dreamed of a log home and was able to provide that for his family. The pride this delightful gentleman had in the log home that he built for his family  really shown through.

To our current homeowners, thanks for visiting us again. We love to hear from happy Crockett owners! So many of you tell us about the energy savings that you experience with our Structural Insulated Panels. To some, it is the spirit of coming home to wood. Keep sharing your experiences and we would love some pictures!

Shows like the GAOS are not just a time to sell a product but to connect with people, to hear of log homes and their longevity, to share in the pride of do-it-yourselfers from decades or just months gone by and to be a part of someone’s log home dream that will come true very soon.

Thank you.