Crockett Offers Price Protection

Spring, often a time to think of renewing, a fresh start. And after 2020, I think we are welcoming that newness with open arms.

We continue to live in unusual times. Through these times, we are happy to say that Crockett remains a constant. If you have visited your local lumber yard, you have no doubt realized that most building materials have doubled, even tripled in cost; and in some cases, materials are not available.

Although new construction building materials have been hit with price increases; fortunately, log and timber pricing is more stabilized than conventional materials. Crockett package pricing has not elevated on a whole as much as conventional materials. Roughly 30% of a Crockett Shell Material package is affected by the skyrocketing cost of conventional building materials. This makes log, timber frames and structural insulated panels a secure and cost-conscious choice.

Crockett Protects You: Crockett will issue a “Crockett Lock-it Buyer Price Protection Certificate” freezing your price for 6 weeks beyond your milling deposit.

Crockett Helps You: Crockett works with lumber yards to secure the best price on conventional materials as they fluctuate. Crockett mills secure timber pricing less effected by the price increases.

Crockett Is Here For You: In business since 1973, Crockett has survived the times. You can feel confident when you choose to build with a company with a proven track record.

We at Crockett look forward to meeting you and talking about your plans and pricing your project.