Crockett’s On a Construction Journey

Visit Crockett on facebook or click on our Construction Journey process that we’ve created separately on this website and you will discover that we have chosen one of our current building projects as our main focus. After all these years, it makes me say “It’s about time!”. 

This Construction Journey highlights two main things:
Our Unity Model
Structural Insulated Panel Homes

The home we are currently highlighting as what Crockett refers to as an Ultra R Log Home. This is a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) home when finished will look just like a log home. Log siding on the outside, v-groove interior with or without faux corner passes. No one will be the wiser to tell the difference between solid log construction and SIP construction.

Benefits of the SIP log home include an R-26 wall keeping out heat and humidity as well as cold and wind all the while keeping in comfortable living. SIPs gained popularity way back in the 1970’s and again during the Energy Star era in the early 1990’s. Crockett has been building with them since the 1980’s. Our homeowners love them due to keeping energy bills low and it also has served as a compromise between couples who may or may not desire all the wood on the inside.  In an Ultra R Log Home, not all then interior perimeter walls have to be v-groove. Homeowners choose what type of covering they want on all the walls. Whether your Crockett SIP home is completed to look like a solid log or a conventional home that can fit right in to a development, the benefits are the same.

We hope you will journey with us through the building of this Unity. Perhaps if you are in the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania area, you can arrange to stop by and visit us.