Walpole Timber Frame Post & Beam Home

This chalet style post & beam home features 4 bedrooms, a bath and balcony deck upstairs, along with a porch, additional bedroom and great room downstairs. And because this timber frame house is constructed with energy efficient Utra-R structural insulated panels, it’s the perfect cozy ski chalet, the cool summer lake house – and everything in between!

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Walpole Timber Frame Post & Beam Home Size Options

Option A: Total: 1,488 SF

  • First Floor: 864 SF, Second Floor: 624 SF, Decks: 288 SF
  • Main: 24’x36′, Decks: 8’x24′ and 4’x24′

Option B: Total: 1,926 SF (Floor Plan Shown below)

  • First Floor: 1,120 SF, Second Floor: 806 SF, Decks: 336 SF
  • Main: 28’x40′, Decks: 8’x28′ and 4’x28′

Option C: Total: 2,374 SF

  • First Floor: 1,380 SF, Second Floor: 994 SF, Decks: 360 SF
  • Main: 30’x46′, Decks: 8’x30′ and 4’x30′

Walpole Timber Frame Post & Beam Home Floor Plan Dimensions for Size Option “B” shown

Walpole Timber Frame Post & Beam Home floorplan