A traditionally styled timber frame post & beam home, with 3 bedrooms with dormers upstairs also features a full length covered front porch, a screen side porch and a sitting room (or study) off the living room, this house is constructed with Ultra-R structural insulated panels for year-round energy efficiency and comfort.

Spotford Timber Frame Post & Beam Home Size Options

Option A: Main: 24’x34′, Porch: 8’x34′

  • First Floor: 816 SF, Second Floor: 816 SF, Total: 1,632 SF
  • Porch: 272 SF

Option B: Main: 28’x36′, Porch: 8’x36′ (Floor Plan Shown below)

  • First Floor: 1,008 SF, Second Floor: 1,008 SF, Total: 2,016 SF
  • Porch: 288 SF

Option C: Main: 30’x44′, Porch: 8’x44′

  • First Floor: 1,320 SF, Second Floor: 1,320 SF, Total: 2,640 SF
  • Porch: 352 SF

Spotford Timber Frame Post & Beam Floor Plan Dimensions for Size Option “B” shown

Spotford Timber Frame Post & Beam Home floorplan