Lehighton Log Home

A variation on traditional cape-style log homes, our Lehighton features second story dormers on 2 of the 3 the bedrooms, including one on the master bedroom suite – which also boasts its own 2nd story deck! Additionally, this well-appointed log home has a front porch and a wrap-around deck, along with a study on the first floor.

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Lehighton Log Home Size Options

Option A: Total: 1,664 SF

  • First Floor: 864 SF, Second Floor: 800 SF, Decks: 704 SF, Porch: 288 SF
  • Main: 24’x36′, Decks: 8’x36′, 8’x40′, Upper: 4’x24′, Porch: 8’x36′

Option B: Total: 2,156 SF (Floor Plan Shown below)

  • First Floor: 1,120 SF, Second Floor: 1,036 SF, Decks: 784 SF, Porch: 320 SF
  • Main: 28’x40′, Decks: 8’x40′, 8’x44′, Upper: 4’x28′, Porch: 8’x40′

Option C: Total: 2,784 SF

  • First Floor: 1,440 SF, Second Floor: 1,344 SF, Decks: 872 SF, Porch: 384 SF
  • Main: 30’x48′, Decks: 8’x48′, 8’x46′, Upper: 4’x30′, Porch: 8’x48′
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Lehighton Log Home Floor Plan Dimensions for Size Option “B” shown

Lehighton Log Home floor plan