Kendall Log Home

For comfortable, single-story log home living, the Kendall has everything you’ll need: a cathedral ceiling great room with loft, wraparound front decks and a front porch, square footage up to 3,348 SF, plus a two car garage attached through a mudroom.

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Kendall Log Home Size Options

Option A: Total: 2,036 SF (Floor Plan Shown below)

  • First Floor: 1,816 SF, Second Floor: 220 SF, Decks: 396 SF, Porch: 176 SF, Garage: 576 SF
  • Main: 24’x66′, Front Bump Out: 6’x22′, Decks: 4’x22′, 6’x22′, 8’x22′, Porch: 8’x22′, Mudroom: 10’x10′, Garage: 24’x24′

Option B: Total: 2,548 SF

  • First Floor: 2,260 SF, Second Floor: 288 SF, Decks: 432 SF, Porch: 192 SF, Garage: 720 SF
  • Main: 28’x72′, Front Bump Out: 6’x24′, Decks: 4’x24′, 6’x24′, 8’x24′, Porch: 8’x24′, Mudroom: 10’x10′, Garage: 24’x30′

Option C: Total: 3,348 SF

  • First Floor: 2,956 SF, Second Floor: 392 SF, Decks: 504 SF, Porch: 224 SF, Garage: 720 SF
  • Main: 32’x84′, Front Bump Out: 6’x28′, Decks: 4’x28′, 6’x28′, 8’x28′, Porch: 8’x28′, Mudroom: 10’x10′, Garage: 24’x30′
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Kendall Log Home Floor Plan Dimensions for Size Option “A” shown

Kendall log home floor plan