With a loft to highlight the post & beam construction of this timber frame home, the Hanover features two bedrooms and a bath upstairs, as well as a master bedroom off the living room downstairs. With this energy efficient home’s Ultra-R structural insulated panels and floor plans ranging from a comfortably cozy 2,160 SF up to a spacious 3,248 SF, the Hanover could be the home for you!

Hanover Timber Frame Post & Beam Home Size Options

Option A: Total: 2,160 SF

  • First Floor: 1,080 SF, Second Floor: 1,080 SF, Porches: 216 SF
  • Main: 24’x30′, Wings: 2- 10’x18′, Porches: 8’x24′ and 4’x6′

Option B: Total: 2,728 SF (Floor Plan Shown below)

  • First Floor: 1,364 SF, Second Floor: 1,364 SF, Porches: 232 SF
  • Main: 26’x34′, Wings: 2- 12’x20′, Porches: 8’x26′ and 4’x6′

Option C: Total: 3,248 SF

  • First Floor: 1,624 SF, Second Floor: 1,624 SF, Porches: 248 SF
  • Main: 28’x36′, Wings: 2- 14’x22′, Porches: 8’x28′ and 4’x6′

Hanover Timber Frame Post & Beam Floor Plan Dimensions for Size Option “B” shown

Hanover Timber Frame Post & Beam Home floorplan