Northern New England Timber Frame Homes

Are you ready to build your dream New England timber frame home in New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine?

New England Timber Frame Home

Northern New England Timber Frame Home: part of the region’s heritage

Crockett has played a significant role in the development of the modern New England timber frame house carrying on the classic traditions of our pioneering forefathers while using modern interlock systems for today’s energy efficient requirements. We provide structurally engineered plans, code compliant building materials and customer services for Northern New England timber frame homes to give you the timber frame of your dreams while keeping within your budget. Crockett’s commitment to “balancing dreams with budget” has resonated with homeowners for decades.

Steve and Linda want to help you build your Northern New England Timber Frame Home!

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Northern New England Timberframe Home

Modern fastener and sealant systems combined with code compliant, engineered stamped construction documents ensure that you enjoy your timber home for years to come. Northern New England Crockett Timber Frame houses are built in the traditional way with solid log gables, heavy timber second floor system, ridge posts and ridge beams.

Live the rugged Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine lifestyle in a Crockett Timber Frame Home! Relax in the warmth and comfort through long NH, VT and ME winters in an energy efficient, natural setting.