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The All-American is a classic 2-story log home, featuring a prow front, a loft and a spectacular, full-length porch – all of which make this design one of our perennial best-sellers.

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All-American Log Home Size Options

Option A: Total: 1,768 SF

  • First Floor: 1,328 SF, Second Floor: 440 SF, Deck: 416 SF, Porch: 144 SF
  • Main: 22’x40′ with 8′ Prow, Wing: 18’x20′, Deck: 8’x52′, Porch: 8’x18′

Option B: Total: 2,366 SF (Floor Plan Shown below)

  • First Floor: 1,820 SF, Second Floor: 546 SF, Deck: 480 SF, Porch: 192 SF
  • Main: 26’x42′ with 8′ Prow, Wing: 24’x26′, Deck: 8’x60′, Porch: 8’x24′

Option C: Total: 2,828 SF

  • First Floor: 2,168 SF, Second Floor: 660 SF, Deck: 544 SF, Porch: 208 SF
  • Main: 30’x44′ with 8′ Prow, Wing: 26’x28′, Deck: 8’x68′, Porch: 8’x26′
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Floor Plan Dimensions for All-American Log Home Size Option “B” shown

All-American Log Home Floorplan