Protection From The Ground Up

Blog FrameGuardCrockett uses R-Control Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) that are FrameGuard® Coated for Safe and Effective Protection.

Make sure that your building plans include built-in protection against mold, mildew, termites and fungal decay. FrameGuard® Coated SIPs are protected with organic fungicides and a borate compound tested to be effective. The organic compounds remain close to the surface to provide protection against mold. Moldicides inhibit the enzymes’ ability to break down the wood and consume the sugars and starches that mold needs for growth, Meanwhile the borate component penetrates into wood providing protection against both decay and termites.

From the time the building materials arrive on the job site, throughout construction and after occupancy of the structure FrameGuard® coating continues to protect the R-Control SIP structure and the owner’s investment. Using FrameGuard® coated R-Control SIPS makes good economic sense.

You will know R-Control SIPs when you see them. A distinctive green color identifies wood treated with a FrameGuard® Coating. Not only is FrameGuard® green in color, it is green from an environmental standpoint.

Without mold, wood last longer, extending forest resources and reducing the need for replacement lumber.

Wood is a great insulator in regards to heat, noise and electrical current.

The collection and processing of this resource uses less energy than that required for production of alternative materials.

Have You Seen Us?

Crockett BoothHave you seen us?
Have you met some of our builders?

Crockett has been spotted at:
The Log & Timber Show
Harrisburg Home Builders Show
Great American Outdoor Show
Gratz Fair

If you were unable to visit us at one of the shows, you can still learn about Crockett Homes…our products, our company and our services. Visit our Current Events page and tune into an upcoming Webinar.


When Do We Get Started?

When Should We Begin with Crockett?

It depends on you and your situation.

1 – 2 years lead time is typical for most people
1 – 2 months for fast track

The turnaround time is controlled by you as well as getting firm pricing commitments, permits, construction loan, etc.

How Do We Begin?

Everything begins with signed paperwork and deposit.
This locks in your Crockett Material Package pricing.
Your custom designed plans are now getting started. Crockett’s plans are required by most local building departments and lending institutions.

Can We Design For Budget?

Yes, Crockett’s Preliminary Plans include 4 Elevations, Floorplans, Window & Door Schedules, Foundation Plan, and typical Cross Sections for both an accurate view of your project but also a roadmap to get pricing estimates. This is the best time for you to make changes.

Why do we need Custom Design Services and a Structural Engineer’s Seal?

Custom Designed for your lifestyle and your property. Live in your home; not a generic home designed for others.

Crockett’s Structural Engineer’s Sealed Plans are for your protection. Crockett’s Structural Engineer is covered by Professional Liability Insurance which means that if the Engineer forgets anything or sizes a beam wrong and the beam would break; this insurance would cover all the damage resulting from that error.

Crockett’s 3 step process includes:
Preliminary Plans, Secondary Plans, and Structural Engineer Sealed Construction Documents

Crockett Log Homes at The Great American Outdoor Show


logo_gaosCrockett Log & Timber Homes was part of the Great American Outdoor Show at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center in in Harrisburg Feb. 7 through 15. The show, presented by the Outdoor Channel, at 650,000 square feet of hunting, fishing shooting sports, archery, boating, recreational vehicle and outfitter exhibits, is the largest consumer sports and outdoor show in the world. The show, which housed 1,100 vendors, also features 200 outdoor seminars and demonstrations, daily celebrity appearances and more than a dozen special events and contests.

Nine Independent Crockett Builder Dealers took turns operating a combination Timber Frame, SIP, Log (10’ x 20’) booth at the show. The booth was built by those Crockett Builder Dealers who worked the show.

On display inside the booth were courses of logs to show visitors how a Crockett log wall is built, as well as a model of an SIP. There were also photos of the types of Crockett log and timber frame homes the company builds along with their floor plans. A monitor inside the booth played log and timber frame home seminars on a continuous loop.

Over the course of the show, at least 1,500 people stopped at the booth to take a look and ask questions.

Doug Dodson, President said “We talked to two categories of people: those who have property someplace and are ready to build, whether now or in the future; and others who love the idea of building a log or timber frame home and are looking for property but don’t own any yet.” “There are customers who are in varying stages of the building process.”

Upcoming Webinars In August

We are looking to schedule additional Webinars…visiting Crockett Homes without leaving the comfort of your own home! Log in on your computer and learn about our products, our company and our services.

Interested in our next webinar? Contact us today!